Wooden Jewelry Box

Pakistani Crafts is here to help you narrow down your choices for a JEWELRY BOX.

First of all, picture where in the home the JEWELRY BOX will most likely be kept. Inside a walk-in closet, on a dresser top, on a vanity? It is important to be sure there is space for the JEWELRY BOX you select. A JEWELRY BOX with dimensions over 15″ in length and 10″ in width is considered a large JEWELRY BOX. Large JEWELRY BOXES are intended to hold a variety of jewelry, usually containing 30 pieces or more. A floor standing JEWELRY BOX may also be an option when seeking a large JEWELRY BOX. These are meant to be an individual piece of furniture and usually double as a small dresser for lingerie and other delicate clothing items. Medium JEWELRY BOX dimensions would be anywhere between 11″ to 15″ in length and 7″ to 9″ in width. These are average sized JEWELRY BOXES to contain an average collection of jewelry. Statistically, most women own 20 pieces of jewelry. When purchasing a JEWELRY BOX, be sure to consider any future growth in her jewelry collection. A small JEWELRY BOX would be 11″ in length or smaller by 7″ in width or smaller. When considering a small JEWELRY BOX, be sure to study the interior layout. It is important that you purchase a JEWELRY BOX that will accommodate all her jewelry, with a little bit of room for growth in the future. Otherwise, you will find yourself purchasing a larger one within a few years. It is better to make one purchase that will last a long time than to make another purchase later.

No matter the size of the JEWELRY BOX, it is very important to study the interior as well. For example, some JEWELRY BOXES cater to hold a large collection of earrings, but not many bracelets or necklaces. This would not be a good purchase for a woman who does not wear earrings. Also, a box may have large dimensions but not many interior compartments, whereas a medium or small sized JEWELRY BOX may have several compartments and actually store more jewelry than the large one. Each of our JEWELRY BOXES on Pakistani Crafts feature several pictures and video (coming soon) so you can see the inside of every level of each chest.