Wooden Spoon Utensil – SU-01

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  • Hand Crafted Darood E Ibrahimi Clock
  • 100% Solid Wooden
  • 100% Hand Made
  • Available in 18” Size Weight 2200 gm / 4.85lbs
  • Made to order Facility
  • Wood original color with polish
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Wooden spoons are the most important tool in kitchen because of their versatility and health benefit. Chef prefers to use wooden spoons as they don’t transfer heat and safely used without any scratching on non stick pans. Metal spoons are form of aluminum sheet or stain less steel that is uncomfortable to gripping. Wooden spoons are smooth and easy to use and its hardiness makes it valuable asset of the kitchen. This 7 pieces kitchen utensil is made of original she sham solid hard wood. You can hang it on wall or put on the dining table. This beautiful multipurpose kitchen tool is amazing to use because it don’t heat up while eating or cooking. Wooden flower pattern spoon and folk can make your dining table more attractive.


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