Wooden Pen & Brush Holder with Lacquer Art Design


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  • Wooden Pen & Brush Holder
  • 100% Solid Wooden
  • 100% Hand Made
  • Made to order Facility
  • Wood original color with polish
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About Lacquer Art

Lacquer art is a very sophisticated hand work on wooden piece with fascinating colors by a skilled artist. The lacquer art manufacturing starts with the selection and cutting of customized pieces of a refined “Sheesham” wood. The wooden pieces are shaped into 3 Sillanwali Lacquer Art-AHAN – AHAN different designs and sizes on lathe machine through traditional iron tools. Manufacturing of lacquer work is a delicate process which starts with raw wooden pieces like show plates and small boxes. The wooden piece is polished and then painted with lacquer in layers of different colours (usually in three or four colours), The layers are sequentially coated completely on each other for example blue colour is used first then yellow colour is coated on blue and lastly the red colour is coated on yellow. The last colour which can be seen on the wooden piece is red which is articulately removed by the artisan in a way that the second coated colour which is yellow becomes prominent with a design on it. This can be beautifully done by blade scratching skill. Similarly, if the artisan wants to make the blue colour more visible in design then the process remains the same. It is the scratching skill of the artisans which makes a significant difference in the lacquer art to make beautiful designs on wooden pieces. However, the art of Lacquer work is declining with the passage of time. There are five major players in the sector and only one player is established.


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