Pakistani Crafts

Who are you

Pakistani crafts is a social enterprise aim to show the rest of the world that how much Pakistan is rich in Art and craft. A Pakistani hand is full of talent that our people makes a masterpiece. whether Pakistani touch the soul, wood, metal, stone he can designed masterpiece. but there is a lot of work is needed to explore this talent to the world. Pakistani Craft objective is to show the talent, hard work, dedication and artistic vision to the world. Pakistan culture is rich with every aspect its diversify people, places and weathers make them unique in the world.

M. Ajmal Hussain – CEO & Co-founder

A Team to Serve You!

Pakistani Crafts is an online store where our team has gathered maximum hand made products for you. That certainly beautify your living standards. Further, our team is trying best to collect maximum collection from all Pakistan and show you at this store.

As you see Pakistani Crafts has gathered masterpieces of three regions of Pakistan and we are unable to show you complete pictures of these three areas of Pakistan.