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Pakistani crafts is a social enterprise aim to show the rest of the world that how much Pakistan is rich in Art and craft. A Pakistani hand is full of talent that our people makes a masterpiece. whether Pakistani touch the soul, wood, metal, stone he can designed masterpiece. but there is a lot of work is needed to explore this talent to the world. Pakistani Craft objective is to show the talent, hard work, dedication and artistic vision to the world. Pakistan culture is rich with every aspect its diversify people, places and weathers make them unique in the world.

Pakistani Crafts is a venture dedicated to the revitalization of traditional handicrafts, aiming to uplift the living standards of craftsmen in Pakistan. Founded 15 years ago by Muhammad Mateen Afzal Wahla, the company serves as a bridge between skilled artisans and the global market. With a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and cultural preservation, Pakistani Crafts strives to showcase the rich heritage of Pakistani craftsmanship to the world.

Mission and Values: Our mission revolves around upgrading the quality and innovation in handicrafts, particularly focusing on light furniture, while minimizing environmental impact. Pakistani Crafts emphasizes the use of organic methods and educates craftsmen on sustainable practices, encouraging the responsible acquisition of raw materials, such as wood. Our goal is to enrich the lives of craftsmen, bring innovation to their work, and present their creations to a global audience of craft enthusiasts.

History: Since its inception, Pakistani Crafts has explored renowned craft hubs across Pakistan, seeking out the best craftsmen from areas like Multan, Bahawalpur, Sillanwali, Lahore, Chiniot, Hala, Swat, Peshawar, Chaman, Quetta, Bahawalpur, Badin, Tatha, Nawab Shah, Gujranwala, Charsadda, Kashmir, Gilgit, and the northern areas of Pakistan. The company’s journey began with a focus on Chiniot handicrafts, expanding over the years to encompass a diverse range of handcrafted home decor items.

Infrastructure: Headquartered in Faisalabad, Pakistani Crafts has established a sub-office in Karachi for export operations. The company’s robust online presence, with a significant following on Facebook and its website (www.pakistanicrafts.com), has enabled it to connect with a global audience. With a catalog boasting over 400 items, Pakistani Crafts fulfills orders from vendors in Europe, the USA, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Singapore, New Zealand, the UK, and Australia.

Global Platform for Artisans: Pakistani Crafts envisions itself as a global platform for Pakistani artisans, promoting sustainable growth and empowering craftsmen. The company plays a pivotal role in showcasing traditional handcrafted products from various regions across Pakistan, including interior Punjab, Sindh, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). By fostering a deep connection with cultural roots, Pakistani Crafts not only supports the livelihoods of artisans but also contributes to the promotion of Pakistani heritage worldwide.

Innovation and Future Endeavors: Committed to continuous improvement, Pakistani Crafts has enrolled in NIC LUMS to address the challenges faced by startups. The company remains dedicated to its mission of fostering innovation, sustainability, and the global appreciation of Pakistani craftsmanship. As CEO, Muhammad Mateen Afzal Wahla continues to lead Pakistani Crafts in its journey to enrich the lives of craftsmen and contribute to the global appreciation of Pakistan’s rich cultural heritage.

Muhammad Mateen Afzal Wahla – Founder & CEO

In 2011, Pakistani Crafts laid its foundation in Faisalabad, Pakistan, establishing a dedicated workshop for handicrafts and light furniture. Driven by a passion for preserving traditional artistry and fostering innovation, our workshop became a hub for artisans to hone their skills. In 2016, recognizing the need to share our exquisite creations with the world, we ventured into the online realm, launching an international store to showcase our products.

Our workshop serves as more than just a production center; it’s a training ground where artisans are equipped with innovative techniques, exposed to new ideas, and strive for perfection in their craft. We are committed to bringing economical methods to the production of handicrafts and light furniture, ensuring both quality and affordability.

Behind our success stands a team of professionals and art enthusiasts specializing in Marketing, Research, and Training. Their expertise not only drives the growth of Pakistani Crafts but also ensures that each piece we create is a masterpiece, reflecting the dedication to craftsmanship and a love for the arts. Join us on a journey where tradition meets innovation, and every creation tells a story of skill, passion, and artistic excellence.


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Pakistani Crafts is an online store where our team has gathered maximum hand made products for you. That certainly beautify your living standards. Further, our team is trying best to collect maximum collection from all Pakistan and show you at this store.

As you see Pakistani Crafts has gathered masterpieces of three regions of Pakistan and we are unable to show you complete pictures of these three areas of Pakistan.